Welcome to my Website!

I made several attempts in designing this website which dates back to the time when I was still on my sixth grade. It was a time when I first encountered the internet and HTML. After numerous revisions and conceptual designs, website design competitions and all that finally I could say "Welcome!"

Please feel free to browse around, read my blogs and get to know me. Some parts of this site is still under construction and will be up in a few days.

This is all for now, hope to hear from you soon for comments about this site.

-Chester Coronel

On the Issue: Thoughts for the Day – 26 August

Did you join the march earlier? Are you mad, furious, infuriated, and [insert another adjective here] regarding the issue at hand? We have the right to be mad, mad about how some of our elected officials is spending public funds. We can be mad about the allegation that JLN has managed to draw out funds […] Read More Here

Chocolate Crinkles

I grew up in a very religious family. When I was very young, my father’s aunt who we all dearly call “Tita Madre” (loosely translates to “Aunt Nun”, or “Sister Aunt”) regularly visits us when she has time away from the convent. During those visits, she usually brings treats and sweets for me and my […] Read More Here